Straightforward Second Edition

Straightforward Second Edition Elementary Workbook + CD with Key

Straightforward Second Edition Elementary Workbook + CD with Key

Adrian Tennant

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British English

The Workbook recycles the language and consolidates the material from the Student’s Book, along with a corresponding page for each lesson from the Student’s Book. A Macmillan Reader is found at the back of each Workbook alongside an Audio CD offering further listening and pronunciation practice. An Answer Key is included in this version.

Key Features

  • All Workbook and some Student's Book texts are read aloud on the accompanying CD for extra listening and pronunciation practice
  • Each Workbook has a complete Macmillan Reader for the relevant level at the back of the book allowing students to naturally expand their language outside of the everyday classes
  • Series of dictations for them to check their understanding
  • Language and material are consolidated and recycled from the Student’s Book
  • An Answer Key for all the Workbook activities are included in this version

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