Straightforward Second Edition

Straightforward Split Edition Starter Level Teacher's Pack

Straightforward Split Edition Starter Level Teacher

Jim Scrivener

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British English

The split edition Teacher's Book is ideal for short courses or when class facing time is limited and complements the split edition Student's Book/Workbook combined volume. Each split level is mapped to CEFR objectives to help gauge progress and comes with its accompanying class audio for Student's Book and Workbook listening tasks.

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Key Features

  • Places additional emphasis on the CEFR and raises the profile of CEFR features
  • Fully exploits Wordlists and lexical features as a key USP. Explores the addition of a vocabulary builder and/or online/IWB vocabulary activities as separate component/feature
  • Improves elements of the design with new realia and artwork
  • Updates topics and themes
  • Contains updated photos of celebrities (from the previous edition)
  • Adds six 2 – 3 minute video clips per level to appear on TB resource CD
  • Emphasises the methodology strand in the TBs – adding methodology videos on TB resource CD

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