Take Shape

Take Shape 1 Workbook

Take Shape 1 Workbook

Paul A. Davies

English Type:
American English
Level 1

Key Features

  • Key features:
  •  increased number of lexical items presented in an engaging context and linked to curriculum subjects
  •  integrated picture dictionary
  •  blend of fiction and informative texts
  •  grammar is lexicalised and ‘chunked’ to aid presentation and practice
  •  focus on function of language, not just form
  •  6 level spelling programme and strong writing strand
  •  easy-to-use unit structure: short units maintain student interest by covering a greater variety of topics while the review units allow for effective revision and recycling
  •  student-facing website with course linked on-line resources
  •  projectable audio visual posters
  •  animated grammar presentation aids: Moving Grammar
  •  flexible test pack

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