The Business 2.0

The Business 2.0 Intermediate Teacher's Book + Resource Disc

The Business 2.0 Intermediate Teacher

Frances Watkins and Antoinette Meehan and Paul Emmerson and Mike Sayer

Published Date:
7 January 2013

This Teacher's Book aims to make using The Business 2.0 Student's Book easy. It provides ideas for lead-in activities for each unit, for further practice and for extension and personalisation activities, as well as answers and recording scripts and additional, photocopiable reading and speaking activities.

The Teacher's Resource Disc provides a wide range of additional multimedia material to support and enhance your lessons. For each unit you can find:

    -A PowerPoint presentation that supplements the language and skills areas for each unit.
    -An entertaining video featuring the skills and language taught in the speaking module.
    -Worksheets and teaching notes to support the video.

The Teacher's Resource Disc also provides a wide range of tests, including unit-by-unit progress tests and two review tests, one after Unit 4 and the second after Unit 8.

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Key Features

  • Subject background - each unit begins with a page of background notes about the sector of activity in the business world that is dealt with in the unit
  • Answer key for Review and Grammar and practice sections
  • Useful ideas for presenting the material in class
  • Further practice and extension activities
  • The teaching notes for each module contain the following: Classroom procedure and task management notes, Ideas for lead-in activities in the About business modules, Ideas for further practice and extension activities, A full answer key for the exercises in the Student's Book, Full recording scripts for all the listening activities, Suggestions on how and when to use the Internet research tasks, Tips for tailoring activities to suit lower- or higher-level classes
  • Detailed classroom notes on classroom procedure and lead-in activities ideas
  • The Teacher’s Resource Disc provides a wide range of multimedia material
  • Resource Disc – Powerpoint presentations and entertaining videos
  • Resource Disc – Worksheets, unit and review tests
  • Resource Disc – Student’s Book audio, answer key and glossary
  • PLUS: the Student’s Book audio, audioscript and glossary; The answer key for the exercises in downloadable form; Additional photocopiable reading activities which can be used for revision or to fill out a lesson with a higher-level group

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