Twist and Shout

Twist & Shout 4 Teacher's Edition

Twist & Shout 4 Teacher

Viv Lambert

English Type:
American English
Level 4

Key Features

  • Student’s Book: beautifully illustrated with clear language presentations, supported practice, and fun communicative games to help children feel confident taking their first steps in learning English
  • Class and Homework Audio: includes vocabulary models, dialogues, stories and songs and/or chants, plus exercises to be completed outside the classroom
  • Teacher’s Edition: provides step-by-step lesson notes, interleaved and in full color, with bonus teaching features and additional photocopiable unit tests
  • Picture Posters and Cards: vocabulary cards and posters with full-color illustrations and supporting text make presenting and practicing easy
  • Teacher’s Resource CD: includes photocopiable Project Time activity sheets, festival lessons, extra tests and monthly teaching plans

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