Way Ahead

Way Ahead 4 Workbook

Way Ahead 4 Workbook

Mary Bowen and Printha Ellis

English Type:
British English
Published Date:
17 March 2005
Level 4

Each Pupil's Book lesson is accompanied by one or two pages of Workbook activities where language points introduced in the Pupil's Book are practised and consolidated. Exercises encouraging study skills ( including categorisation, punctuation and spelling) are also introduced. Guided writing exercises in each unit are complemented with a composition page which leads children beyond writing at sentence level and gives practice in a variety of written forms including letters and descriptions. There is a short practice test in every fifth Workbook unit which consolidates the language points revised in every fifth unit of the Pupil's Book.

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Key Features

  • Exercises practise and consolidate language points introduced in the Pupil's Book
  • Exercises encourage study skills
  • Guided writing exercises
  • Practice tests

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