• Apps in the Classroom

    Macmillan Apps in Class

    What can we use to make learning more engaging?

    At Macmillan, we're all about the apps. From our Sounds: Pronunciation app to our new IELTS Skills apps, we are embracing a new tide of English language learning that calls for digital tools.

    Apps are perfect for learning on the go, but how can teachers use them in the classroom? Here's how:

    1. Link it up to a projector: You can use the games and practice tools on our apps to lead a group practice session. Encourage students to shout out the answers, take it in turn to tap in the answers and make the lesson really interactive. 

    2. Bulk buy. Once you have shown the students how to use the app, make the most of our bulk buy discounts and purchase the app for your students. This way, they can start using their personal devices in class, following what you do on their own devices and then continuing the work at home.

    3. Group working with iPads: If you're lucky enough to have a budget for iPads, make the most of the learning apps in class group work. Divide the class into groups, set them exercises on the apps and encourage them to collaborate and discuss answers. It can even become a game- nothing like a bit of competition!

  • The Macmillan Apps Blog

    Did you know we have a blog devoted to mobile learning and news of what's going on in the world of educational apps? It makes a good read.

    Macmillan apps blog

    Check it out at www.macmillaneducationapps.com 

  • What do our students think?

    Here's some feedback on the IELTS Reading app from some students at Bellerby's College in Brighton.

    ielts skills apps in practice

    Check out the YouTube videos here