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  • What is a typical day for a UK based ELT consultant?  

    There is the typical day in the office, the typical day at a conference, a typical day giving a dictionary workshop for pre-sessional students or an IWB workshop for teachers or a typical day visiting schools.  

    As you can tell from the above, my job is very varied which is what I like most about it.  However, the core of the job is visiting schools.  The area I cover includes; the Midlands, the North, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.  I often cover some serious mileage during the working week.  In the towns and cities I visit I will make appointments for various educational establishments which include; private language schools, universities (and foundation course providers which are affiliated to Universities), further education colleges, state schools and private schools- which have a large percentage of international students and recently even libraries.

    We value our relationships

    During the first part of a year I will often base myself in a city or large town for three to four days and ideally visit four schools a day.  I am now in the third year of the job so have built up a really good relationship with the Directors of Studies or heads of English departments.  It is always nice to see them again and catch up on the last year.  Sometimes the Directors of Studies have moved on and I often come across them again in their new roles at other schools in different parts of the country.  Depending on the needs of the school I am visiting, I show them the latest Macmillan publications for General English, Academic English, Exams, Business, teenage courses if they have summer programmes and much more.  

    We demonstrate new innovations in the market

    The job has taken on a new development this year as I now visit schools with a Samsung Galaxy tablet and demonstrate our range of apps and online resources.  This has definitely increased the average visit time to just over an hour but has created a real buzz about using non-traditional methods to deliver English language teaching.  Often the response from teachers is how innovative Macmillan Education is. Which is great to hear. 

    We're always here!

    Follow up after the visit includes sending free sample books to the establishment if they weren’t given out at the time and answering any email enquiries which the schools may have. It’s all about building a lasting relationship and letting schools know that we are here to answer all their questions and keep them informed about the best new resources in ELT.