• My Life at Macmillan - Claire Chad

    Starting out

    I never set out to work in publishing, it just kind of happened! My life at Macmillan began way back in 2005 when I started as Western European Sales Assistant. After about 6 months I moved from the Sales Team into the Marketing team and took on the role as Marketing Executive.

    I was responsible for organising our IATEFL presence and the infamous Macmillan IATEFL party! My first ever IATEFL in 2007 was in Aberdeen, the year that we launched the 2nd Edition of the Macmillan English Dictionary (no pressure!).  I will never forget the image of the dictionary being paraded around the ballroom on a silver platter carried by Jo Greig to the sound of bagpipes being played by traditional Scottish Pipers…

    Finding my niche

    I then moved on to focus on author travel, takingcare of the many Macmillan authors who get out and about in the markets and organising visits. I found my niche looking after the marketing needs for the Primary and Secondary age titles that we produce. As an ex primary and secondary school teacher, I felt like I had come home.

    I had the opportunity to visit many different parts of the world through this role and meet some very interesting people along the way at various conferences, training events and on school visits and thoroughly enjoyed this! 

    In 2011 I felt that I wanted to expand my horizons and delve further into the actual content of the books that we publish, so I applied for a role in Editorial as a Commissioning Editor. The role of Commissioning Editor is all about working through concepts to (alongside authors) create materials that work together and offer new, creative experiences for teachers and students. The role allowed me to work extensively on digital materials and tackle a whole new world of acronyms and ‘techy terms’ which previously I was blissfully unaware of!

    New opportunities

    I am now in a new role in the Marketing team as Schools Marketing Manager for the American and British English titles and feel this time that I am right where I should be – focusing on the marketing of the titles that I know and love and helping to spread the word about how wonderful our products are! I plan and execute the Marketing strategies for the whole of the Primary list and work with colleagues on the Secondary list. I love having an overview of the whole of the sector and being able to work with the editorial, digital, design and sales teams to be a part of a product from its inception through to seeing it being used in classrooms all over the world.

    Working for Macmillan has given me opportunities that I never thought that I would have, fantastic friends that I treasure and a whole host of memories that I will always hold dear.