• My Life at Macmillan - Julie Woon

    Current role: Content Marketing Executive

    Julie Woon

    I first came to Macmillan Education back in 2012 while finishing a postgraduate Publishing degree in London. Prior to graduating, I grew up in Beijing, studied English Literature in the UK and spent a (very) brief stint teaching in Poland –  all of which eventually led me into ELT publishing.

    Having started off my life at Macmillan as the Marketing Assistant for the Macmillan English Campus team, my job focused around the marketing promotion and support for our digital products: Macmillan English Campus, Macmillan Practice Online and onestopenglish. Working with digital resources has definitely been an eye opening experience; within my first month of joining, our team relaunched the entire platform and marketing site for Macmillan Practice Online, which meant the very first job I was tasked with was to write and upload content for 128 new course pages.

    Since then, it’s been exciting to see how developments in the educational technology market have continued to change and affect the way we work. In my current role as Content Marketing Executive for our Digital Marketing team, I continue to work with our digital products, but part of the change has meant an increased focus on the digital vision we have as a company.

    I now look after the coordination of content marketing campaigns across our digital channels, from social media and email marketing to our numerous websites. One of the best aspects of my job involves commissioning new content for our campaigns, which can vary from filming a video series to working on designs and infographics for our pages.