• My Life at Macmillan - Laila Belyazid

    Current role: ELT Consultant, France and Belgium

    Laila Belyazid

    Travelling around

    From one week to another I can have very different days of work and that’s what keeps things interesting.

    When it’s a week of travel, I wake up early and drive off. My rep case and my books have spent the night in the boot so I don’t have to waste time doing it on that morning. My car is always filled with CDs and the radio is always on. I usually sing along, so the journey goes by pretty quickly. I normally go straight to my first appointment, maybe grabbing a quick sandwich en route. Time is often tight!

    On a good day I have 4 appointments, which involves a fair bit of travelling around. At the end of the day I head back to the hotel where I check my emails, respond to some of them and draft up my report. If the mood strikes I have a wonder around the city and try and find a decent restaurant. On a very busy (or slightly lazy) day, I just order a takeaway.

    Getting to know my customers

    There are also trips where we have conferences and authors speaking on behalf of Macmillan. We have to look after them, make sure everything is running smoothly for the talk and set up the stand. My role also involves welcoming teachers, talking to them and getting feedback from them about our courses and what they want from us and/or the industry.

    Back at my desk

    When it’s a week in the office, I carry on writing reports, process the gratis requests I’ve had the previous week, update the database, and answer customer’s queries and colleagues’ emails. These could be regarding forecasts, editorial or marketing related questions. I always have to set aside 2 days each week to make phone calls and try and get appointments for the next week. It’s a nice balance between having a desk job and getting up on my feet and spreading the word about our courses.