• My Life at Macmillan - Rikesh Lad

    Current role: Marketing Process Administrator

    Starting my career

    Before joining Macmillan I had just returned to England after 5 years away in the USA, where I attended university after obtaining a football scholarship.  I graduated with a BSc. Business Administration and Information Technology and then promptly began the job search.

    I joined Macmillan Education in May as a Marketing Information Processor and my role requires me to work extensively on the internal company database called Atlas, making sure that our information is correct and consistent. I also work closely with Editorial teams and Marketing Executives to ensure the data for our up and coming 2014 titles is accurate.

    Working in a new environment

    Joining Macmillan has been very interesting and exciting, especially with all the changes going on and our move from the Oxford to London office.  Now having transferred to London, it’s great to be in a busy and fun environment. There is definitely a different atmosphere and a buzz about the place. I’m also excited to explore London and compare my experiences from my time in New York City. 

    So overall, I’m really happy to be at Macmillan and can’t wait to see what the future holds.