• My Life at Macmillan - Wiktor Kostrzewski

    Current role: ELT Consultant

    Wiktor Kostrzewski
    On the go

    Preparing a job description for the kind of work I do would be a hard task indeed! I’ve worked as and ELT Consultant for over a year now and every day feels different.

    The most important part of my job is contacting and meeting people responsible for English language teaching programmes at language schools and other institutions. I travel all over the south of England to meet Directors of Studies and Programme Managers – and to talk about what Macmillan has to offer. This takes up most of my time for three quarters of the year. I visit several schools during one day. It may sound exhausting, but travelling and meeting people are the aspects of this task that I really enjoy.

    Heading to events

    ELT Consultants also represent Macmillan at conferences and teacher training events. It is our job to make sure our products are well displayed and to help people who visit our stand. Most of the time, one of Macmillan’s authors will be giving a talk at such an event, so we’re also there to help make sure the talk is a success. These events are always inspiring: we get the chance to see what other publishers are working on, and to get important feedback from teachers and school managers who attend.

    Continuous learning

    When I’m not travelling, I try my best to keep up to date with developments in ELT and publishing. It’s a surprisingly well-connected industry, and it really helps to learn as much as possible about new ideas, solutions and trends.

    Some memorable moments?

    Ending up in a sheep-infested field in Dorset where, according to my satnav, the conference venue should have been…  Also, every conversation that helps me learn something new about the clients I’m working with. And getting to know my industry inside out – from the clients’ perspective as well as the publishers’ – is something I really enjoy in my job!