Talk Like a Pirate Day

Resources for young learners

Ahoy, me Hearties! All aboard Macmillan English as we set sail in search of the best resources to celebrate International Talk like a Pirate Day on September 19th.

Join us for a swashbuckling great time in the classroom as we delve into our treasure trove of young learner resources to bring you these gems from Story Central and Captain Jack.


Captain Jack: The Numbers Song

‘Six happy pirates on the pirate ship!’ Teach young children numbers 1-10 with the numbers song in this lesson from Captain Jack, a three-level British English pre-primary course based on the adventures of the fun-loving parrot Captain Jack.

Download the audio track and follow the lyrics and worksheet activities from the Pupil’s Book.

Download the lesson  Download the audio


Story Central: The Golden Vanity

Bring imagination to life with this lesson from Level 5 of our six-level American English primary course, Story Central. Read the story of one heroic cabin boy and the Golden Vanity in this lesson to practise irregular plurals and vocabulary related to the ocean.

Download the lesson, featuring extracts from the Student Book, Activity Book and Teacher’s Edition Pack, and watch the accompanying music video below.

Download the lesson

Talk like a pirate, sing like a pirate! This music video  to accompany Lesson 6 will get your students singing and dancing as they learn about life on the sea.