Spotlight on 2015

Jo Greig, International Marketing Director

In this featured article, Jo Greig offers an exclusive preview of all the brand-new activity that 2015 brings. From launching the new Macmillan Education brand to publishing a range of new courses for young learners, Jo explains why 2015 is all about celebrating teachers at the heart.

Back to Teachers

Looking forward to the new year

2015 marks a big year of change for Macmillan Education – one which we know will have a positive impact on our efforts to continue publishing fantastic ELT resources. 

Our new brand signifies much more than a change in logo, it celebrates different divisions of our Education business, from Schools to Language Learning,  publishing under one brand name for the first time – Macmillan Education. What ties us together is our dedication to publishing quality resources which remain flexible, relevant and engaging for learning in the 21st century.

As teachers, you play a huge role in everything we do as publishers, continuing to be an integral part in helping students around the world in their own learning journeys. And that’s why at the core of our new brand, we’re celebrating you: the teachers at the heart. We’re very excited to announce the launch of a yearlong scholarship competition for 2015, giving five English language teachers around the world the opportunity to win a teacher training scholarship here in the UK. We look forward to reading all about the different proactive and creative approaches you take to teaching in and around the classroom.

Our celebration of teachers further underpins all the resources and campaigns we’ve been working on for 2015. Carrying on from our 2014 Life Skills campaign, this year we’re bringing you an even more ambitious collection of free resources – including practical videos, authentic interviews, downloadable lesson plans, expert tips and much more. You’ll be able to find life skills resources on our site tailored to your area of teaching, whether that’s young learners, teenagers or adults. What’s more, a brand-new strand of the campaign will be dedicated to life skills for teachers, where our experts will be offering advice on how to develop personally as a teacher, as well as tips on how to integrate life skills teaching into your own classroom.

Headlining our list of new titles publishing this year are three brand-new Primary courses: Story Central, Happy Campers and Tiger Time. Featuring major authors, such as Carol Read and Viv Lambert, our Primary courses each have a strong focus on literacy and include beautiful materials – both in print and digital – to hold the attention of young children and make learning English a memorable experience.

The Inks

For learners of all ages, learning now extends beyond the classroom, and for our young learners we’re recognizing this with new tools to help connect the classroom with learning at home. The Inks, a series of new apps designed to both supplement our key American English Primary courses and for stand-alone use, offers parents the opportunity to engage in their child’s language development through vocabulary-building games consolidating learning in class. Starting with our top selling title English World, this year we’re also introducing our first Home –School Connect programme to keep parents informed of their child’s progress and  build a positive dialogue with teachers.

Five years on from the launch of our original teacher training webinar programme, it’s also great to reflect on the successes we’ve had so far, while looking forward to what the new year brings. Our 2014 Online Conference saw more teachers than ever before joining us online, with over 10,400 teachers attending and sessions reaching over 800 participants! Our 2015 webinar programme features a diverse range of ELT speakers while including some brand-new special events on life skills, literacy and storytelling.

Find out more and watch the recording for our 2015 product showcase, where you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek of all that we have in store for the coming year…

Teachers at the heart