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  • How To...Give Your New Year's Resolutions a Boost

    How To Guides- New Year

      1. Watch a movie in the language you are studying. Why not make the most of a night in and hire a classic English movie like The King’s Speech or a Monty Python movie.

      2. Situate your study in the real world. With Macmillan Cultural Readers, you can read about the country you are in whilst studying there. If you’re in London, pick up the England reader, find about the famous sites and visit them.

      3. Go to ‘coffee hours’: These are informal sessions when people get together to practice the language they are studying. Choose a nice setting and you’ll be there for ages!

      4. Charades: Invite students in your class to a night of food and charades at your place, you’ll be surprised how good it is for practicing your language. Check out our charades videos here.

      5. Read a children’s book in the language you are studying: Sometimes it’s good to boost your confidence by remembering how much of the language you already know. Then move to the adult readers and challenge yourself. 
  • How to...Make Friends at Language School

    How To Guides- Making Friends

      1. Engage with the school’s ‘social programme’ (if there is one): Schools like Abbey College in London organise social and extra-curricular activities for students to enhance the student experience.
      2. Help a weaker student: Even if a class is streamed, people have their own individual strengths and weakness when learning a language. If you notice a peer having trouble with something you feel confident about, offer to help them after class and you’ll naturally get chatting.

      3. Make the most of lunchtime: While it is tempting to go and get some alone time during breaks, try and engage with the other students and suggest somewhere to eat lunch together. This may be awkward at first but everyone was thinking the same thing, it just takes one person to voice it!

      4. Be approachable: There’s nothing like a smile to attract people to you. As long as you manage to look open and relaxed at school, people will want to talk to you. Start the day by paying a compliment and take it from there.

      5. Ask for advice: People like to feel valued by others. If you have a problem related to your learning experience or perhaps livings abroad, ask others for advice and you’ll soon end up sharing.