• The Macmillan Party for IATEFL 2016

    Onestopenglish Birthday Party

    Since the launch of onestopenglish back in 2001, we’ve had the privilege of working with a fantastic team of authors and to provide millions of you worldwide with resources to help you do what you do best: teach! Join us at IATEFL Birmingham this year to celebrate the 15th anniversary for what promises to be a spectacular birthday bonanza! Cue music, drinks and plenty of cake!

    When: Thursday 14th April

    Where: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

    Tickets are £5 and will be on sale from the Macmillan Education stand at IATEFL on Wednesday and Thursday (13th-14th April). All proceeds from the event will go to charity.

    All proceeds from this year's event will be split between the following charities:

    Find Your Feet

    Find your feet logo

    Find Your Feet is a charity dedicated to mobilising local knowledge, skills and resources to help rural families find sustainable solutions to hunger, poverty and discrimination. The charity currently supports development projects in areas including northern India, Malawi, Nepal and Zimbabwe.

    Macmillan Education would like to make a donation to Find Your Feet in memory of Gywneth Fox, whose contribution to the Macmillan Dictionary team over many years has been critically important in helping us put Macmillan Dictionary on the map. She will be greatly missed by all of her colleagues at Macmillan.

    The Friends of Della and Don

    Fodad logo

    The Friends of Della and Don (FODAD) is a small UK based charity whose mission is to help bring a long-lasting difference to the lives of those in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka, through the provision of education and skills, access to adequate healthcare, community facilities and meaningful, sustainable employment.

    This is the second year that Macmillan Education sponsors FODAD and their continuing work over the past decade to support local communities affected by the 2004 Tsunami.

    IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme

    IATEFL logo

    The IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme helps the international ELT community reach out to teachers in parts of the world that need additional financial support. The IATEFL Advisory Committee invites applications for places on the scheme from teachers from countries with little educational provision.

    For a fourth year running, Macmillan Education continues to sponsor the IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme in their mission to help teachers in developing countries with their professional development.


    * Terms and conditions:
    We reserve the right to decline entry without a valid ticket. Ticket admits ONE person to the party. No refunds will be given for failure to attend. Over 18's only. The ticket holder consents to participate in any photography, audio and video recording at the event and grants consent to Macmillan Education for use in any marketing materials. Macmillan Education does not accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to a person's property.

    Macmillan Education at IATEFL

    Employability as a life skill

    This year our focus is to help you develop your teaching career with Macmillan Education. In the current working environment it is more important than ever that students have the people skills, life skills and employability skills to secure a job in what is an increasingly competitive environment. This year as part of mind series we have a whole host of resources to help your students improve their employability.

    Employability SkillsMind work experience competition

    The job market is a competitive place and sometimes a bit of experience can make all the difference. That's why this year, we're offering adult English language students the chance to boost their C.V and win two weeks' work experience in London at our head offices where flights and accommodation will also be included.

    Skills for work videos

    Each skills for work video from open mind teaches a different employability skill. From interview skills to presentation skills and more, the videos and accompanying activities and teachers notes aim to help you and your students improve their ability to meet and surpass their career goals.
     Teachers at the heart

    Teacher professional development

    As part of our campaign to celebrate teachers at the heart, throughout the week of IATEFL we'll be inviting you to get involved at our stand by sharing with us why you #loveteaching, as well as sharing memorable anecdotes from your teaching career!

    Don't miss talks from the onestopenglish teacher professional development team. Head over to onestopenglish to see where and when the TPD team are talking and find out more about the onestopenglish 15th birthday party.

    This year Macmillan Education announced a global partnership with with Norwich Institute of Language Education (NILE) meaning Macmillan's training and teacher support network will be brought together under a dedicated team, curating personalized professional development with an appropriate mix of ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ learning delivered online, blended and face to face.

    IATEFL Speaker Schedule

    Wednesday 13th April

    Dave SpencerDave Spencer: Life skills – the gateway to the future

    14:30 - 15:00 - Hall 9

    This session will begin by investigating the uniquely strong position of grammar in the Secondary classroom. After a brief introduction to the concept of the Flipped Classroom, we will look at how the Flipped Classroom can add a new dimension to grammar teaching to teenagers in the 21st Century. The talk will focus on material from ‘Gateway 2nd Edition’ (Macmillan).

    Wednesday 13th April

    Danial and Ruth photoDaniel Buisan and Ruth Howarth: Using content and culture to achieve confident communication in primary

    15:15 - 15:45 - Hall 7

    Preparing children for the multi-cultural, and digitally-connected world we live in now is challenging. In this workshop we will look at how using content-rich materials and helping students to develop their intercultural awareness, can also develop their language competence. We will be using some sample material from our best-selling primary course Tiger Time in the session.


    Wednesday 13th April

    Robert Campbell photoMichelle McDonnell-de Graaf: Are you choosing the right digital tool for your classroom?

    10:40 - 11:25 - Exec room 9

    Many teachers feel overwhelmed by the number of digital tools available on the internet. Rather than enriching a lesson, the wrong choice of tool can hinder the learning process. To combat this, Michelle has created her own set of criteria for choosing the right tool for the right group of students which we she will explore in this interactive workshop. Michelle McDonnell-de Graff won the onestopenglish IATEFL scholarship for 2016.


    Thursday 14th April

    Robert Campbell photoDebra Marsh: The Flipped Classroom – Reframing the Role of the Teacher

    17:25 - 17:55 - Hall 5

    The most significant change engendered by flipping the classroom has little to do with technology and everything to do with what takes place in the classroom, which has a direct impact on the teacher. This presentation will consider the need to reframe the role of the teacher in the flipped environment and explore the implications for future teacher professional development.


    Thursday 14th April

    Kirsten Holt photoKirsten Holt: Flourish not flounder: using teaching competences for professional development

    16:25 - 17:10 - Hall 7

    Teaching competences have emerged in the last few years in response to a need for contemporary classroom skills and recognised teaching standards. This workshop will introduce the theory behind teaching competences and look at how they are constructed, before exploring how they can be used effectively for the teacher’s own professional development.


    Thursday 14th April

    Roy NorrisRoy Norris: Intensive First – what to focus on

    12:30 - 13:00 - Hall 11A

    You’re teaching an intensive Cambridge English: First course. Time is limited and there’s a lot of ground to cover. What language and skills should you give priority to? What advice can you give students? In this practical talk, I’ll address these questions using examples from Straight to First, as well as further materials I have designed specifically for intensive courses.


    Friday 15th April

    Chris LimaChris Lima: A feast of languages: Shakespeare in the ELT classroom

    15:30 - 16:15 - Hall 8A

    In this talk, Chris will discuss ways of approaching Shakespeare with English language learners, especially with international students in higher education. She will propose an approach that combines engagement with Shakespeare’s plays while studying his use of language. Chris will refer to EAP Shakespeare, winner of the 2015 ELTons Macmillan Education Award for Innovative Writing.

    Friday 15th April

    onestopenglish teamSarah Milligan and Patrick Curry: The teacher of tomorrow: professional development through informal learning

    12:30 - 13:00 - Hall 11A

    What is informal learning and how can it support professional development in today’s ELT world? This workshop will introduce the concept of informal learning, show how it is emerging as an important element in professional development and most importantly explore how teachers can learn informally today in time for the English language classroom of tomorrow. Sarah and Patrick are both part of the Teacher Professional Development team on onestopenglish.

    Friday 15th April

    Steve Taylore KnowlesSteve Taylore Knowles: A framework for the development of digital competence in ELT

    16:50 - 17:20 - Hyatt - Scherzo

    A recent report from the European Commission (DIGCOMP, 2013) provides a number of insights into digital competence. This session presents the key elements of that report, together with an exploration of the consequences for the English language classroom, including specific task sequences that develop digital competence in a second language.

    Saturday 16th April

    Carol Higho photoTom Walton: Hand over the tools: technology for learners not teachers

    11:10 - 11:40 - Hall 4

    A recent informal research project suggested that technology is still being used largely by teachers for teaching, not by learners for learning. To catch up with the 21st century, we need to ‘flip’ that trend. Taking ideas from my Tech Tools for Teachers lessons plans on www.onestopenglish.com, this practical session looks at easy ways to hand technology over.

    Saturday 16th April

    Anderina España photoAndreina España: Learn Beyond, Teach Beyond, GO BEYOND

    10:20 - 10:55 - Hall 8B

    Go Beyond is a six-level series structured on detailed mapping to the CEFR. Go Beyond provides an innovative mix of print and digital. This session will walk the audience through the format of the lessons and illustrate how the scaffolded approach is designed to ease teacher planning, while the digital components keep digital natives engaged and coming back for more.

    For more information on last year's IATEFL event in Brighton and to revisit some of our highlights from the conference, visit our IATEFL 2015 archive.