• Webinar Help & Support



    Where will the webinar be held?

    The webinars are held online, so providing you have a reliable internet connection you can access them from anywhere in the world – including your own living room.

    The link to access the webinar is contained in the confirmation email you receive after registering. If you have deleted or lost this email then don’t worry as we send out a reminder nearer to the day of the event.

    The emails you receive will also have a calendar reminder attached. Download and save this to help you remember to attend!

    The webinars are listed according to UK time. Why is this, and how can I find out the time in my local time zone?

    We list the webinars according to UK time (GMT) as we run the sessions from our head office in London, UK. 
    To find the correct time in your local time zone, please use timeanddate.com.

    This year we are running webinars at different start times to enable more people to join us live at convenient times for them.

    Please check the full 2016 schedule here to see which talks are being repeated.

    The webinar runs at a time that is inconvenient for me to watch. Will it be recorded?

    We record all of our sessions, and make them available on our website and YouTube channel after the event, so you won’t miss a thing if you’re unable to join us live.

    View our webinar archive and YouTube channel.


    Can I get a certificate to say I participated in the webinar?

    A certificate of attendance will be made available at the end of each of our webinar sessions, for you to download, print and countersign to confirm your attendance.

    My name isn’t on the certificate. Can you put it on for me?

    Due to the popularity of our webinars, unfortunately we can't add individual participant names to certificates. You will need to print the certificate and fill in your own name to confirm you attended.

    Who should sign my certificate?

    All our certificates are signed by a senior manager here at Macmillan in recognition of your participation. There will also be a space left blank for you to countersign, to confirm that you participated.



    I’ve never watched a Macmillan Education webinar. Is there a way I can test how everything works?

    We are now using Adobe Connect 9 to host our webinars.

    This is a web based platform. If you've never used it before, we recommend a couple of checks to make sure it works on your device before the event starts.

    This website will perform a quick system check to test your connection speed and ensure you have a supported version of Flash. 

    If you’re still having problems joining, please consult the Help section of the Adobe website here.

    Can I tune in on my mobile device?

    Yes you can. Start by downloading the appropriate version of the Adobe Connect Mobile app for your device. When you then click on the webinar link on your phone or tablet it should automatically open in the app and you will be able to participate in the session as if you were using a desktop computer.

    You can download Adobe Connect Mobile (iOS and Android) here.

    I am in the session, but cannot hear anything – how do I fix this?

    Check to make sure your speakers are not on mute.

    Before the session starts, also remember to run through the audio setup wizard, which will allow you to check that your computer has selected the correct output.

    Under the Meeting menu in the top left hand corner select Audio Setup Wizard and follow the instructions there.

    If there is clearly someone speaking and you still cannot hear then you will need to check your audio settings in the control panel section of ‘My Computer’.

    Make sure your headset or speakers are set as the default output device and the problem should be resolved once you return to the webinar.

    How do I talk to other participants and communicate with the host?

    We make a chat box available for you to type messages to fellow participants and ask questions of the host. You can also use this should you be experiencing technical difficulties and wish to discuss these with one of our moderators.

    The content of the chat box is recorded so please use appropriate language and remain respectful at all times.