Introducing the CEFR Companion Volume: What's new from a teacher's point of view?

Who is it for?

This webinar is free to attend for English language teachers and professionals of all levels.


Date: 13 March 2018

Time: 04:00PM - 05:00PM GMT


Hosted by Brian North, this webinar will introduce the recently published CEFR Companion Volume with New Descriptors (CEFR/CV) and the new CEFR illustrative descriptor scales that it contains. There will also be a brief overview of the 4-year project that developed the descriptors, including the validation phases in which some 190 institutes and over 1500 people from around the world became involved. The paradigm shift from the ‘four skills model’ of a learner as an individual speaker/hearer to the view in the ‘action-oriented approach’ of the user/learner as a social agent who constructs meaning and concepts in interaction and mediation will be explained. Key aspects of the implications for teaching and learning presented in the CEFR/CV will also be outlined

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