Alastair Grant - Through the looking glass: Crystal clear communication training for your students

Join ELT Teacher Trainer and Macmillan author Alastair Grant delivering this engaging online session.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

[George Bernard Shaw, playwright]

If only clear communication were as simple as looking in a mirror. But if George Bernard Shaw is right about communication, it’s hugely problematic in our L1, let alone in an L2. And yet in this fearful period of human history, it’s more essential than ever. So how can we help our students develop this most precious of life skills?                               

In this entirely interactive workshop, we will explore multiple ways to engage our students in a range of communicative activities, all of which are designed to maximize the receptive and productive aspects communication. This will be a comprehensive review of both the pitfalls and best practices of communication training, always bearing in mind how unique our responsibility as language teachers is, given that “language is a system for the expression of meaning” (Richard & Rogers, 2001).