Day Five - Friday 18th February

Session 1: Developing the 4 Skills for Early Exam Success

  By Viv Lambert

10:00-10:40 | 14:00-14:40 | 21:30-22:10 UK Time

To be able to communicate effectively in the real world we need to achieve a certain level in all four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. In this presentation we’ll look at ways of developing these skills in our Young Learners through activities that are age-appropriate, relevant and enjoyable whilst also preparing them for success in their exams.

After the above session, you will be given the choice to attend one of the following 2 sessions, which take place simultaneously:

Session 2a: Insights into the future of ELT Publishing


By Mariela Gil

14:50-15:30 | 22:20-23:00 UK Time

ELT has a rather varied history when it comes to diversity, representation and globality. In this session, Mariela will be discussing the past, present and future of topics such as these from the perspective of a Publisher at Macmillan Education. Join for unique insights into the creation of the materials you use every day!

Session 2b: Story Central Plus Showcase and Q&A


By Super Huang, Ale Ottolina, Yanzer Rebollo

10:50-11:30 | 14:50-15:30 | 22:20-23:00 UK Time

Join this session to learn all there is to know about Macmillan Education's course for Primary learners, Story Central Plus.

You only need to register once to attend all 3 of the above sessions!

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21:30 UK Start Time

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About the Speakers

After some years spent travelling and teaching English, Viv worked in Educational Publishing – editing and commissioning children’s books and Primary EFL materials. She then became a freelance ELT author and has been WFH since before it became a thing! She has written several courses for Young Learners – including Story Central, Share It! and Global Stage – from her home near Oxford with her dog Rafa snoring under her desk. She also gives Webinars and in-person presentations (when invited and allowed!) Viv has taught French at her local Primary School and been involved in teacher training in Oxford. Her hobbies include tennis, yoga and running.

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