Day Ten - Friday 25th February

Session 1: A toolkit for building student confidence in exam preparation courses

  By Ethan Mansur

10:00-10:40 | 14:00-14:40 | 21:30-22:10 UK Time

This practical talk will explore three effective tools for helping students build confidence in exam preparation courses: 1) differentiation, 2) familiarity with exam conditions (not just exam tasks), and 3) peer and self-assessment, using examples from “Ready for B2 First” and “Ready for C1 Advanced”.

After the above session, you will be given the choice to attend one of the following 2 sessions, which take place simultaneously:

Session 2a: Towards Better Informed Assessment Online and Offline


By Grzegorz Spiewak, Alex Tamulis & Lemmy Trujillo

10:50-11:30 | 14:50-15:30 | 22:20-23:00 UK Time

As we all know, traditional, pre-pandemic ways of learner assessment have come under a lot of pressure when confronted with the realities of on-line teaching. So, let’s put together the lessons learnt. Which strategies, forms, and types of assessment should be focused on, in both on-line and off-line contexts? Come along for ideas and super practical tips on how to enrich your repertoire of assessment techniques, task types and tools.     

Session 2b: Ready For Series Showcase and Q&A


By Joel Wotton, Alejandra Ottolina & Mark Arthur

10:50-11:30 | 14:50-15:30 | 22:20-23:00 UK Time

Join this session to learn all there is to know about Macmillan Education's course for Adult learners, Ready for series.

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About the Speakers

Ethan Mansur is the author of the teacher’s books for the new 4th editions of Ready for B2 First and Ready for C1 Advanced. He currently teaches at International House Madrid, where over the years he has prepared dozens of students for the Cambridge exams. He has an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from the University of Leicester.