At Macmillan Education we are aware of the new educational challenges, which demand more robust and advanced pedagogical models, with different resources to guarantee the success of your educational project.

With over 175 years of experience in the field, Macmillan Education has designed Macmillan 360; an educational support program that strengthens the essential areas of learning and provides the necessary strategies for current education including the following sections:

My Books: a collection of resources for teachers to make planning and assessment easier, as well as, digital versions of the students’ and teachers’ books.

Macmillan Assessment Program: a powerful online diagnostic tool to keep track of your students’ progress.

Professional Development Online: our network of consultants and educational specialists have designed an exclusive professional development program for teachers, administrators and parents at your institution.

Technical support: from our help desk, we offer technical support for the best use of our digital tools and the most common educational platforms nowadays.

The Macmillan Promise: it's the guarantee that we will accompany you with digital solutions and a solid advisory team for any educational scenario.

Your academic staff will be able to access our unique online support program to facilitate didactic planning and assessment, as well as to teach in different scenarios.