Day Ten - Friday 25th February

Session 1: A toolkit for building student confidence in exam preparation courses

by Ethan Mansur

This practical talk explores three effective tools for helping students build confidence in exam preparation courses: 1) differentiation, 2) familiarity with exam conditions (not just exam tasks), and 3) peer and self-assessment, using examples from “Ready for B2 First” and “Ready for C1 Advanced”.

Session 2: Towards Better Informed Assessment Online and Offline

by Alex Tamulis

As we all know, traditional, pre-pandemic ways of learner assessment have come under a lot of pressure when confronted with the realities of on-line teaching. So, let’s put together the lessons learnt.
Which strategies, forms, and types of assessment should be focus on, in both on-line and off-line contexts? Come along for ideas and super practical tips on how to enrich your repertoire of assessment techniques, task types and tools.