Distance Teaching and Learning Hub

Whether you are teaching remotely occasionally or full time, if it is part of your new reality then you will find all the resources you need to support you here. 


This number one resource site for English Language Teachers is home to over 9,000 resources, worksheets, lesson plans and articles. 

In times of schools closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, delivering lessons remotely has become a priority - and challenge - for thousands of teachers worldwide. In order to support our ELT community, at Macmillan Education we've been offering onestopenglish for free and we will continue to do so until October 2020.


‘At Macmillan Education we remain committed to supporting our community of Educators, Learners and Parents in these challenging times through opening up access to our digital resources, delivering a training programme  dedicated to distance teaching and learning, and ongoing daily support from our network of local representatives and educational consultants.’ 

Jeremy Dieguez 
Managing Director, Macmillan Education

Our local Macmillan Education teams are also supporting teachers with additional free content and trainings.