Session 1: Fostering Engagement and Motivation Online

By Jon Hird

10:00-10:40 | 14:00-14:40 | 21:30-22:10 UK Time

In this session, we will look at how we can adapt and extend our classroom and course book materials to take advantage of the online environment in order to foster engagement, motivation and meaningful communication in online lessons.

After the above session, you will be given the choice to attend one of the following 2 sessions, which take place simultaneously:

Session 2a: Your Guide to Teacher Development in 2022


By Will Rixon

10:50-11:30 | 14:50-15:30 | 22:20-23:00 UK Time

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the ELT industry has been offered a huge range of free and payable resources to advance your learning as teachers. During this session, we will be exploring the training that is available, and also offering a series of ways for you to organise your own development as teachers.

Session 2b: (American) Language Hub Showcase and Q&A


By Alex Tamulis, Mariela Burani

10:50-11:30 | 14:50-15:30 | 22:20-23:00 UK Time

Join this session to learn all there is to know about Macmillan Education's course for Adult learners, Language Hub.