A Doodle Town Case Study from Rainbow Station School and York English School, China

Come and check out what teachers are saying about Doodle Town!

We interviewed teachers from Rainbow Station School and York English School in China who are using Doodle Town. In this video, the teachers talk about the challenges of teaching young learners, how Doodle Town helped in overcoming some of these challenges and also shared a few memorable moments in the classroom when using the course with pre-primary students.

Want to find out more about Doodle Town? Visit Doodle Town website to download free samples, songs and video.

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*Doodle Town is a captivating 4-level pre-primary course designed to stimulate the imagination of young learners and inspire learning through a range of visual, audio and hands-on activities. It was a finalist in the 16th British Council ELTons Awards for Innovation in English Language Teaching 2018 in the Excellence in Course Innovation category.