A Doodle Town Demo Class from Rainbow Station School, China

Come and take a look at how Doodle Town is being used in a real classroom.

We went to Rainbow Station school in Shanghai in China, to see how teachers in this school teach Doodle Town in their classrooms. Here, students are learning from Level 3 Unit 5, At the Beach.

Comprising of 9 stages, this video presents a complete Doodle Town lesson – from the establishment of an English environment and introduction of the target language, to controlled vocabulary and listening practice, to project time, individual assessment and how to wrap up the class.

Want to find out more about Doodle Town? Visit the Doodle Town website to download free samples, songs and videos.

Download An Instant Guide to Doodling in the Pre-Primary Classroom: a process to help you achieve creativity, variety and fun in your lessons

*Doodle Town is a captivating 4-level pre-primary course designed to stimulate the imagination of young learners and inspire learning through a range of visual, audio and hands-on activities. It was a finalist in the 16th British Council ELTons Awards for Innovation in English Language Teaching 2018 in the Excellence in Course Innovation category.