Celebrate Shakespeare

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Celebrate Shakespeare! 

To commemorate over 400 years of William Shakespeare's genius, we have much in store to remember him by.

Head to the Macmillan Readers ‘stage’ and discover brand-new resources inspired by the Bard’s language and plays, including lesson plans, infographics, videos and quizzes. 

Plus, there’s a chance for students to show off their creative writing skills in a very special Shakespearean-themed schools competition!

Macmillan Readers  


Take a closer look at England's most famous playwright with a free Shakespearean webquest on onestopenglish, featuring activities on Shakespeare's life, Romeo and Juliet and Shakespearean language we still use today.

Or why not take your class on an audio adventure back in time, with our A Time to Travel instalment set in Shakesperean England! 'To be, or not to be, that is the question ...'

Shakespeare webquest   A Time to Travel: To be or not to be

EAP Shakespeare on onestopenglish

Bring Shakespeare to life in academic teaching with a brand-new series of onestopenglish lessons and articles from ELTons winner, Dr. Chris Lima. Featuring activities and teaching tips for language learners and proficient speakers alike, Dr. Lima makes Shakespeare memorable, engaging and relevant both inside and outside the EAP classroom.

Visit onestopenglish to download the first instalments of the series for free and sign up to our free 30-day trial to explore the series to date:

EAP Shakespeare   Teaching EAP: Literature

Macmillan Readers 

Learn how to produce your own Shakespeare play or even play Shakespeare charades in class with this collection of Shakespearean resources to accompany our Macmillan Readers.

Why not read Othello, the latest addition to the Shakespeare series of Macmillan Readers, and download the accompanying reading record from our April book club to write your own review of the Reader. 

You can also explore our full list of Shakespeare Readers below.

Macmillan Readers resources

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