Examples of life skills

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The term 'life skills' refers to a broad range of soft skills which often vary depending on our individual situations. For young learners, life skills might include numeric literacy and understanding how to share with others, while for university students, knowing how to manage different workloads and meet deadlines is essential.

Below you'll find more information on specific life skills with articles on why these skills are relevant in different contexts and how we can teach them to our students.

Presentation skills

Expert voice coach Carol Noakes offers her top five tips for powerful presenting. From body language to prompts, Carol highlights how we can improve our delivery to be successful presenters in our professional lives.

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Critical thinking

In this article, Dr Sara Hannam discusses the importance of developing critical thinking skills and how we can teach these skills to university level students in the EAP (English for Academic Purposes) classroom.

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Influencing others

In Company 3.0 author Mark Powell explains why understanding how to influence others is a vital life skill in business and working life.

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