New Inside Out in Brazil

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Instituto de Línguas: Unilínguas

Ruth Salomon-Barkmeyer – Pedagogical Coordinator and Teacher

Tell us about your class and your students.

I’ve been teaching New Inside Out for three years to Brazilian young adults, who are in their early twenties. The students are of a mixed ability and curious. They’re learning English for professional reasons and for the possibility of travelling abroad. The classes consist of around 15 students, three hours per week. We can use the internet whenever the teacher feels it would be useful.

Why does the course work for your class?

Because of the communicative way of approaching the four abilities, making it possible to develop the course according to students’ needs. It works for the students because there are different kinds of activities among which they will find identification (personalisation), making their learning more efficient and pleasant. I also like the unit presentation in general.

What is it about the course that made you choose it? What sets it apart from other general English courses?

A group of teachers analysed different sets of teaching materials offered by different publishing houses and decided to try and use New Inside Out, considering that it covers all four abilities and covers a good range of subjects and topics, which fulfils the needs of our diverse groups. Its supporting material and packs were also deciding factors for our choice.

in Case Studies