New Trend School Taiwan. How does Next Move help your teachers?

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New Trend School Taiwan

Maria Li-Mei Chang - Supervisor

About the school

"New Trend is a grammar school with students aged 6-12. We offer after school classes for elementary school students. Here in our school, unlike many other language schools, we encourage students to use English rather than memorising grammar rules and copying sentences repeatedly."

About the students

"When some of our students came to us they showed no signs of enjoying learning English. However, after one year at our school they have a different attitude to learning English and they are more active and more positive."

Why Next Move works for us

"I wanted to show my students how to use English in their daily life, not just to pass tests. I wanted them to know English is a life skill that they can take advantage of - it’s not just a school subject. When they discussed the lessons in Next Move they were able to provide their own opinions and gain confidence."

Why are your students learning English?

"My students want to improve their English skills to perform better at school. More importantly, they want to learn skills to prepare for their academic and social lives."

How does Next Move help your teachers?

"The quality of the topics in Next Move has opened many doorways for our teachers. We can teach the four language skills in an easy, step-by-step approach. It also helps my teachers to create an engaging and fun learning style that encourages our students to implement 21st century competencies learned in cultural lessons. Both teachers and students are able to increase their cultural awareness by doing these projects.

Next Move has helped our teachers to structure their lessons more effectively and create a more positive learning environment for the students. Even vocabulary and grammar rules are taught in context so students don’t have to memorise them. At the end of each unit we assess each student by doing the oral presentation. During the presentation the student and teacher know how much they’ve progressed and what else they still need to work more on."

How does Next Move help your students?

"I think the way we guide them through the lessons and the effort they put into their oral presentation has given them more confidence in themselves. Parents have told us their children enjoy learning English more now than before and we also observe that the students enjoy learning English and that this is a challenging and fun course.

My students enjoy lessons 7 and 8. These fit well with the philosophy of our school. We want to give our students a student-centred learning style. We have our students doing mini books, plays, a city zoo, emails, CD case, etc. Students love to do this and they have a lot of fun doing so."

Would you recommend Next Move?

"Yes, of course. Next Move has prepared our students for their future academic requirements in a very fun and engaging way. Also, our students learn cross-cultural knowledge from this book and they can use the language skills learnt from this book to express themselves."

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