Straightforward teaching in Southampton

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Southampton Language College

Chris Humphrey - Director of Studies

In this video case study, Chris Humphrey introduces how Straightforward and Straightforward Second Edition work in the adult ELT classroom of Southampton Language College.

Claudia Rant - English and Portuguese Teacher

Tell us about your classes.

I taught Intermediate for one term and right now I'm teaching Elementary with Straightforward Second Edition. I've got six students and five of them are Saudi and one of them is Chinese. They are pretty much a young group (in their twenties) and there is just one older lady who is in her fifties. They get along quite well and are very friendly! Most of them intend to study at college in the UK. At Southampton Language Centre there is a maximum of 12 students per class.  The General English class is from Monday to Friday, three hours a day. Every chance we get, we use the internet and the IWB.

Why does the course work for you?

The coursebook works for me because it's very up to date, with great listening activities and interesting texts. It works for the students because they like the topics (such as hotels, accommodation, phone calls, etc.) which are useful for them. An interesting fact is that they don't like it when I  use extra material with them in class (for example from other resource books); they like to keep track of their lessons and to see how far in the book they've reached.

Do you have a favourite feature, unit or activity?

I quite like the Workbook exercises and dictations. I also like the writing part at the end of the Workbook. I use the Workbook and Teacher's Book Resource Pack - and I couldn't survive without the Teacher's Book!

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