We are pleased to be able to announce the winners of the Macmillan Mind Work Experience Competition

We’ve been hugely impressed by the quality of the 300 entries we received for the Macmillan Mind Work Experience competition. Choosing three winners has been a real yet enjoyable challenge!  

The aim of this competition is to support language learners around the world in offering them the opportunity to put their skills into practice at the Macmillan Education offices in London, where they will be immersed in the world of publishing and be given the opportunity to see how we create our award-winning ELT publications, from concept stage to the sales and marketing of our products. 

Macmillan will organise and support all aspects of this two-week experience. 

After reviewing the initial submissions, we were able to decide on a shortlist of interviewees, which were held online.  

Our congratulations to the three winners

  • Aleksei Subbotin (21 years old) from Russia. Currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language Teaching
  • Kamila Mukushova (23 years old) from Kazakhstan. Graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, now working as an English Language teacher
  • Viktoriia Savchenko (22 years old) from Russia. Currently studying for a Masters of Linguistics and Professional Communication in Foreign Languages, with Marketing and Logistics

We are also proud to announce our three runners-up, who will each receive three coaching sessions in professional skills from specialist coaches:

  • Iryna Kruk, English teacher and freelance writer from Ukraine
  • Krystian Kaminski, student of Applied Linguistics from Poland
  • Mariia Shuma, English teacher from Ukraine

Finally, we would like to recognise the achievements of our other interviewees in getting so far in the process:

  • Darya Turchaniak (Belarus)
  • Lilit Mamulyan (Armenia)
  • Justyna Fuchs (Poland)
  • Irina Lavrova (Russia)
  • Anna Iakusheva (Russia)

Well done to all of those mentioned above and thank you to everyone who entered this fantastic competition.

About the Course

Open Mind is a ground-breaking adult course that provides learners with the professional, academic and personal skills they need. Not only are language skills developed in the course, but also the important 21st-century skills that students need in order to have a better awareness of self and society, to handle the demands of their study and learning and to deal with challenges in their work and career.

You can learn more about the course here.