Why In Company 3.0 works for us?

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Kern AG Training Frankfurt, Germany

William Fern - Director of Studies BA, MBA

About the school and students at Kern AG Training, we use our own specific training technique, which combines traditional learning with the latest teaching.

This combination allows our language training to be flexibly designed and delivered. Importantly, we find this flexibility takes into account the individual needs of our students as well as our trainers, who get the chance to select lesson topics based on the language or skills learning goal they are working towards. The goal at Kern is for our students to achieve their goal of communicating freely in the desired language, which in this case is English, and in the shortest time possible, so we conduct our classes completely in the target language. The flexible unit structure of In Company 3.0 allows us to design our syllabus around the course, to help our students achieve their goals most effectively. We adhere to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, so it's great to have a course linked to it.

We have about 50 branches worldwide, mostly in Germany, and students are studying English for their careers.

Why In Company 3.0 works for us

Our students and course participants are mostly corporate clients at major organisations who value the real-life content that In Company 3.0 offers. There are one-to-one classes as well as group training courses. A lot of students are also interested in the intercultural training that we also offer to allow them to do business with clients abroad.

What influenced our decision to use In Company 3.0 with our business students and clients

From both the learner and teacher's point of view, it's very practical that the course participants can view the videos, listen to the sound files and do language exercises in advance of the lesson. The downloadable PDF exercises are also useful. Our course participants and business language teachers also relish the relevance of the varied skills training exercises included in In Company 3.0, for example for telephoning, presentations, emailing and negotiating.

To sum up, In Company 3.0 is a great match for our busy professionals who need topical, interactive business-related content via multiple media.

See how In Company 3.0 can help your students, and download samples and audio at www.macmillanincompany3.com

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