Teaching with Campaign in Italy

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St George's Institute, Rome, Italy

Jorgen Olshov - responsible for Corporate Customers  

Tell us about your classes and your students

Apart from private students we also have a lot of contracts with big enterprises and public authorities. At St. George's Institute, we have worked a lot with staff from the Armed Forces. Over the years we have prepared more than 300 students for the JFLT (Joint Forces Language Test) exam with extremely satisfying results.The JFLT exam is very challenging, and in particular it is not easy to reach the required level in all four skills. In our work with the military staff we have found the Campaign books very useful when teaching military English.

Why does Campaign work for your classes?

We use the Campaign books as a very valid complement to the more generic English course books used to work on grammar in general. With the Campaign books, students get the chance to apply their English skills in job-related situations, which is always more stimulating.

What do your students enjoy most about using Campaign?

Italian students do not get a chance to apply their English very often in daily life. In particular, they get few chances to listen in English, which makes it fairly difficult to improve these skills. The Campaign books not only provide an extensive vocabulary related to working in the military, but they are also very complete when it comes to listening. The listening activities in the books extensively cover all the main military and civilian aspects and topics. They also contain a very broad range of pronunciation types and accents found within English-speaking countries, thereby preparing the students in an excellent way for meeting colleagues in real life.

What are your favourite parts of the Campaign series?

In general, my favourite part is the Listening as mentioned before. When comparing the books, I already find that Campaign 1 is a very good book, but then it gets even better with Campaign 2 and Campaign 3.

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