Inspired is an exciting four-level American English course written specially for teens. This unique series evolves with students, and reflects their changing needs and interests. Cross-curricular topics and cultural content inspire students to develop critical thinking and express their own opinions, whilst developing the key skills.

Key features

  • A structured skills development programme seamlessly integrates reading, writing, listening and speaking into every unit, while entertaining texts and dialogues provide realistic and compelling context.
  • The Your Response feature encourages students to draw on their own personal reactions to topics and texts, promoting critical thinking through personalisation.
  • Inspired has been carefully designed to work well in mixed-ability classrooms, with learner independence, study skills and self-assessment as a key focus.
  • The Interactive Classroom software includes cross-curricular and cross-cultural video material with accompanying worksheets, cutting down preparation time for teachers.
  • The Teacher’s Book includes a useful test CD with editable and differentiated tests that cater for mixed-ability classes.

Student's Book

Inspired is a four-level course for teenagers from beginners to high intermediate level. This unique series evolves with students and reflects their changing needs and interests.


The Workbook provides a wealth of additional exercises, to reinforce and consolidate the vocabulary, grammar, and reading and writing skills covered in the Student's Book.

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