Macmillan Readers: Othello Pack

Othello is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous tragic plays, and has been adapted for Intermediate level readers. The story is about Othello, the Moorish general of Venice, and what happens when he marries the beautiful daughter of a rich and powerful Venetian.

  • ISBN: 9780230470200
  • English Type: British English
Othello-sample-scenes (PDF File, 1.24MB) Othello_Points_for_Understanding_Answer_Key (PDF File, 31.43KB) Othello-Extra-Exercises-Answer-Key (PDF File, 45.83KB) Othello-Worksheet (PDF File, 3.9MB) Othello-Worksheet-Answer-Key (PDF File, 28.9KB) Othello-Audio-Worksheet (PDF File, 70.27KB) Othello-Audio-Worksheet-Answer-Key (PDF File, 57.95KB) Othello-Test (PDF File, 35.84KB) Othello-Test-Answer-Key (PDF File, 25.71KB) LessonPlan_Othello_Student-Worksheet (PDF File, 98.97KB) LessonPlan_Othello_Teacher_s-Notes (PDF File, 271.94KB)

Key features

  • Extra grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • Notes about the story
  • Notes about the life of William Shakespeare
  • Points For Understanding comprehension questions
  • Glossary of difficult vocabulary and Useful Phrases
  • Free resources including worksheets, tests and answer keys at
  • Audio download and ebook available to buy for this title