The New A–Z of ELT

A new edition of Scott Thornbury’s definitive practical guide to ELT, which teachers and teacher trainers of all levels of experience have found indispensable. Revised and restructured to take the latest developments in language learning into account, The New A–Z of ELT defines and explains essential language teaching concepts and terminology from different fields. The alphabetically-arranged entries provide concise summaries of the major issues in ELT, debates associated with each concept and their practical implications.

  • ISBN: 9781786327888
  • English Type: British English

Key features

  • Covers all the key terms used in ELT, including explanations of common acronyms.
  • Describes language teaching techniques, methods and theories, as well as ways to teach common language points.
  • Includes cross references to interrelated concepts, an index and further reading.
  • The flexible format provides the right amount of support to both new and more experienced teachers, helping them gain a wider-ranging understanding of topics.
  • Mapped to the Eaquals Teacher Training and Development Framework, phases 1-3.