As part of Macmillan Education's 180 Days of Giving Back our dedicated team in Thailand recently took part in the Wildlife for Kids Run—a virtual event organized by Thai Run in collaboration with the Foundation for Children. This initiative not only allowed us to celebrate Macmillan Education's 180th anniversary but also provided an incredible opportunity to support a charitable cause that deeply resonates with us.

Established four decades ago, the Foundation for Children has been tirelessly working towards supporting the United Nations' Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The foundation focuses on raising awareness about inequality in Thai society and combating child malnourishment. The Foundation has also established alternative village child schools prioritising happiness, freedom, and alternative education. Through these initiatives, the Foundation empowers children to overcome societal challenges and pursue their dreams.

Running for a Purpose

Aligned with our goal of making a positive impact on our community, our team recently participated in the Wildlife for Kids Run. This virtual run gave us a chance to contribute financially through registration fees and also raise awareness about the important work of the Foundation. By joining the run, we supported efforts to provide necessities and educational support and improve the overall well-being of underprivileged children. Participants had the flexibility to complete a 5 Km run at their own pace and wherever they preferred.

Our Team’s Achievements

Through our collective efforts, we completed the challenge and received colorful certificates of completion. Beyond personal satisfaction, our team's participation in the Wildlife for Kids Run showcased our unity and commitment to giving back to our community. The run also served as a powerful reminder of the importance of prioritizing our physical and mental well-being and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are proud of our commitment to enthusiasm throughout the Wildlife for Kids Run. Together, we not only completed the 5 km challenge but also achieved something much greater!