Macmillan eReaders

Graded Readers make a perfect self-study material, which is engaging and provides language input at the right proficiency level. We have selected our best graded readers, including some of the great works of contemporary literature as well classics from the most revered authors: William Shakespeare, Jane Austin or Robert Louis Stevenson, to provide them for FREE to Teachers and Students remaining at home due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Contact your local Macmillan representative to get a FREE access code valid for 6 months.  

Check the chart to identify the grammar points and sentence structures reinforced at each level to choose the right reader for your students.

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Starter Level
Gulliver's Travels 
L.A Detective
The Magic Barber

Beginner Level
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Last of the Mohicans
The Truth Machine

Elementary Level
Viking Tales
Treasure Island
The Quest

Pre-Intermediate Level
Selected Stories by D.H. Lawrence

Intermediate Level 
The Old Curiosity Shop
The Smuggler

Upper Intermediate Level 
Moby Dick
The Cut Glass Bowl and Other Stories

Advanced Level
The Voyage
The Red-headed League
The Monkey's Paw