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Tuesday 21st February

  1. 'Overcoming Learner Fatigue through Creativity' By Nik Peachey
  2. 'Reflections on Leading a Global Network of Language Schools in Uncertain Times' By Lucy Horsefield
(All UK Time Zone)

Wednesday 22nd February

  1. 'Every Child Matters' By Myriam Monterubbio
  2. 'Children's writing: Pictures, words, sentences and beyond!' By Lucy Crichton
(All UK Time Zone)

Thursday 23rd February

  1. 'Befriending Distractions in the Young Learner Classroom' By Sarah Hillyard
  2. 'What Makes Young People Tick These Days?' By Susan Hillyard
(All UK Time Zone)

Friday 24th February

  1. 'Promoting interculturality in ELT through cultural diversity' By Dr. Amina Douidi
  2. 'Changing the World, One Step at a Time' By Harry Waters
(All UK Time Zone)