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Monday 19th February

  1. 'Brave Steps, Bright Horizons: Teacher Strategies for Supporting Resilience in English Language Learners' By Dan Belenky Ph.D
  2. 'How the Languages We Speak Shape the Ways We Think' By Lera Boroditsky
(All UK Time Zone)

Tuesday 20th February

  1. 'Online Assessment For and As Learning' By Isabela Villas-Boas
  2. 'Unlock the Potential of ChatGPT for Language Teaching' By Josh Goldsmith
(All UK Time Zone)

Wednesday 21st February

  1. 'From Wonder to Wisdom: The Power of Wondering' By Myriam Monterrubio
  2. 'Ideation in the YL Classroom: Generating, Developing and Sharing Creative Ideas' By Sea Steele and Sarah Smith
(All UK Time Zone)

Thursday 22nd February

  1. 'Begin at the Beginning: Using Story to Introduce New Topics' By Jamie Keddie
  2. 'Activate Schema: Using Life Experience to Maximise Learning' By Rachael Fionda
(All UK Time Zone)

Friday 23rd February

  1. 'Developing an Academic Mindset' By Dorothy Zemach
  2. 'Fostering Change through Youth Empowerment and Global Connections' By Harry Waters & Margarita Kosior
(All UK Time Zone)

Monday 26th February

  1. 'The Adventures of the Young Grammar Detectives' By Anna Parr
  2. 'Exam Preparation Made Fun for Youngsters!' By Orelly Palmas
(All UK Time Zone)

Tuesday 27th February

  1. 'My Experience: Putting Grammar in Context' By David Spencer
  2. 'What's the Future for Grammar in the Classroom?' By Penny Ur
(All UK Time Zone)

Wednesday 28th February

  1. 'Everyone Makes Progress Here!' By Usoa Sol
  2. 'Tried and Tested: How to Assess Project-work' By Claudia Rey
(All UK Time Zone)

Thursday 29th February

  1. 'Let the Inside Out: Empowering Emotional Expression in the Classroom' By Lorena Peimbert
  2. 'Let's Make Some Noise about Bullying: Prevent and Manage Classroom Bullying' By Alicja Galazka
(All UK Time Zone)

Friday 1st March

  1. 'Breaking the Silence: 10 Ways to Empower Students to Express Themselves' By Sarah Hillyard
  2. 'Parents on Board: Ideas to Involve Parents in their Child’s Learning' By Grzegorz Śpiewak, Ph.D.
(All UK Time Zone)