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Doodle Town Second Edition is a four-level series that gets very young learners ready for primary school by teaching them literacy, maths and phonics through fun activities, games and videos. A whole-child approach and a strong focus on creative thinking and global values, all underpin the programme, setting children on the right learning path.

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Early Literacy Guide

The Doodle Town Second Edition has everything you need to teach a solid, carefully aligned phonics program that helps children to become fluent readers.

The interactive Early Literacy Guide shows how Doodle Town Second Edition teaches phonics, phonological awareness and early reading and writing skills. Get your classroom ready for Phonics Fun by downloading free materials such as worksheets and Values song.


Birthday Calendar Poster

Doodle Town Second Edition offers a deeper exploration of global values. Stories, songs and new animated videos teach positive values and have all been designed to develop social and emotional skills, making children’s first contact with the language playful, enjoyable and memorable. By celebrating birthdays, we also create community and celebrate each and every student in our class.


Watch the webinar on Phonics in Pre-primary

Teaching young children how to read and write might seem challenging, especially when they are learning English as a second language. But don’t worry. This webinar shows you concrete steps to introduce them to phonics as well as useful classroom practices and games to make this process fun! 


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