Kahoots! Help to bring your language classroom to life! They can be used to begin a class, as extension activities or are even a great way to end a class to test students’ knowledge.

The quizzes Macmillan Education has designed for you to use in your classroom aren’t tests. They are fun activities that can lower student anxiety and help even the shiest of students get involved. Kahoots! Create interaction in the classroom by motivating students to gain points in a gamified atmosphere.

On this page, you will find access to our back to school quizzes. There are 50 quizzes for secondary and adult learners and 40 for primary students.  

You will also find links to our Kahoot! Quizzes aligned to our coursebooks. These Kahoots allow you to test language and real-world knowledge and add an exciting and fast-paced competitive element to class revision with specially-designed Kahoot! Quizzes.

Visit our Kahoot! Profile to see all of our available quizzes or clink on the links below to go to the Kahoot! Quizzes for your Macmillan course.

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