The redesigned, next generation Macmillan Education Everywhere platform offers a greater level of convenience, functionality and delight.

Our goal was simple: Maximise learning with an engaging platform experience.


Navigating through the platform is smoother and faster than ever before.


Tailor teaching to the needs of every group.


Access the platform anytime, anywhere, and from any device – with downloadable content.


  • - Get your school set up quickly and easily using the new institutional admin tools which save teachers and administrators time
    - A nominated admin can add students and teachers, and create classes at the click of a button saving time

  • - Plan your lessons on the go with our new mobile app– one app for both students and teachers – complete with fully mobile-compatible view of your digital books
    - Pre-download content to use the platform offline

  •  - Engage your students with a fully interactive version of your textbook, containing varied, vibrant resources that bring learning to life.
     - Audio, videos and activities launch directly from the page – ideal for front-of-class teaching.

  •  - Quickly create customisable homework and assessments, tailored to your students’ level, using our intuitive assessment tool.
     - Choose from pre-written tasks or set your own, mark them in the platform and enter scores directly into the gradebook.
     - All assessments can be printed and used in classrooms where connectivity is limited

  •  - Get insight into your students’ progress and gaps in learning with our redesigned Progress Tracker, helping you to tailor lessons to individual student needs.

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