Advancing Learning Day: The Contemporary ELT Teacher

What does it mean to be a teacher nowadays? With science fiction swiftly unfolding into reality, the opportunities for ELT teachers are growing exponentially. To some, however, advances in social media, generative AI and continually-updated ‘best practices’ could be seen more as limitation than liberation. 

In a truly unique 3-session event, this year’s Advancing Learning Day offers you, the ELT teachers of 2023, the tools and techniques to embrace these advancements as opportunities for you, and your future career.


How to Thrive as a Social Media Influencer in ELT by Carina Fragozo


Teachers and AI: From Frenemies to BFFs by Le Dinh Bao Quoc


How Learning Happens and Why We Should Care by Grzegorz Spiewak


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