Advancing Learning Day: The Contemporary ELT Teacher

What does it mean to be a teacher nowadays? With science fiction swiftly unfolding into reality, the opportunities for ELT teachers are growing exponentially. To some, however, advances in social media, generative AI and continually-updated ‘best practices’ could be seen more as limitation than liberation. 

In a truly unique 3-session event, this year’s Advancing Learning Day offers you, the ELT teachers of 2023, the tools and techniques to embrace these advancements as opportunities for you, and your future career.


The event will take place live 3 times on Tuesday 10th October
at 10am, 3pm, and 10:30pm UK Time.

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After the event all attendees will be able to access:

Personalised certificate

Virtual Goodie Bag

Session recording

  • From Classroom to Clicks: How to Build a Strong Online Presence as an English Teacher

    In today's interconnected world, being a teacher of English need not start and end in the classroom. Making an impact on a national or even a global scale can be done with some simple, yet effective, steps. In this session, Carina Fragozo will share her journey as an educational YouTuber, offering valuable insights for English teachers seeking to establish a compelling online presence and enhance their professional impact.

  • Teachers and AI: From Frenemies to BFFs

    This webinar will celebrate the one-year anniversary of AI becoming a reality in education. It will provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of AI in education, including the latest trends around the world. The webinar will also discuss the attitudes that teachers need to embrace AI, and offer practical advice on how to use AI effectively to transform teaching and learning experiences.

  • How Learning Happens and Why We Should Care

    The definition of a ‘learner’ has changed unquestionably in recent years. But what about ‘learning’ itself? What is it that we know from the latest research about how learning actually happens? What does it imply for how learning should be advanced in modern course materials? And, above all, what does it all mean for you as a teacher, and those new learners, in practice?


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