Advancing Learning: Fast-forward 2024

Your teacher training team at Macmillan Education have come together for an online event truly like no other, the new-look Advancing Learning Fast-forward 2024!

For anyone who wants to develop their teaching skills, but is lacking in time, we will be cherry-picking some of our favourite pieces of advice from our latest webinars and sharing them in a brand-new event format…see below for how it will work on the day!

The event will take place live 3 times on Tuesday 25th June
at 10am, 2pm, and 10:30pm UK Time.

Meet Our Expert Speakers

Alejandra Ibanez
Academic Coordinator, Argentina

Alex Tamulis
Product and Marketing Manager, Brazil

Grzegorz Śpiewak
Head Elt Consultant, Poland

Lilian Breton
Academic Consultant, Mexico

Louise Connolly
Educational Consultant Manager, Spain

Mónica Pérez
Academic Consultant, Mexico

Nathan Waller
Marketing and Academic Services Manager, Dubai

Super Huang 
Regional Senior Academic Colsultant and Teacher Trainer, Asia

Will Rixon
Academic Engagement and Content Manager, London

Yanzer Alexis Rebollo Sanchez
Academic Consultant, Mexico

Meet Our Live Sketch Artist

We are excited to introduce our talented live sketch artist, Emily Bryson, who will be capturing the essence of our discussions in real time. As our expert speakers share their insights, Emily will create visual summaries that bring their ideas to life. Learn more about Emily here.


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