Crossing the Cultural Exchange

Communication and collaboration across cultural lines is quickly becoming the norm for many workplaces, and who knows how far it will go? This session will explore how to prepare teenage and young adult learners’ ability to empathise in order to make cultural exchange not just possible, but enriching.

Travis and Lauren's talk will be followed by a 20-minute session from Joel Wotton about technology that enables teachers to connect their students online with other learners around the world using Gateway to the World.


The event will take place live 3 times on Wednesday 25th January.

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10:00 - 11:00 UK Time

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14:00 - 15:00 UK Time

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21:30 - 22:30 UK Time

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About our speakers

As the Sr. Director of Programs at Empatico, Travis Hardy develops new programs and content to expand Empatico’s reach and increase its impact in partnership with educators, subject-matter experts, like-minded organizations and edtech companies, funders, schools, and other educational institutions. He joined Empatico after five years in the NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, where he led a virtual exchange program connecting 9-13 year-old New Yorkers to their global peers, and he holds a MA in International Education from New York University. Travis lives in Norwalk, Connecticut with his partner and cat, Cyclone.

As the Educator Community Manager at Empatico, Lauren Flemming works with educators to ensure that they feel seen, heard, and connected to their peers on the Empatico platform. Lauren is a former educator herself who has taught both domestically and internationally, has worked with a wide range of stakeholders from non-profits to institutes of higher education advocating for the unique needs of educators, and holds her MA in Social Sciences and Comparative Education from UCLA. Lauren lives in Los Angeles, CA and enjoys hiking, seeing live music, and napping with her dog, Homer. 

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