Digital and employability skills

Employability skills or Life Skills for work have been recognised as being crucial by organisations, employers and educators. These include transferable skills such as digital competence skills. Mind co-authors Steve Taylore-Knowles and Mickey Rogers offer introductions into these essential skills, and how they can benefit our students.

Join us for this series of practical and informative webinars exploring and explaining the importance of different employability and digital skills for adult students. See a walkthrough of our new Digital Student's Books and learn how your students can take part in Macmillan Education's exclusive Work Experience Competition.

Talk descriptions

Steve Taylore-Knowles - A framework for the development of digital competence in ELT

A recent report from the European Commission (DIGCOMP, 2013) provides a number of insights into digital competence. Steve Taylore-Knowles, co-author of Mind, presents the key elements of that report, together with an exploration of the consequences for the English language classroom, including specific task sequences that develop digital competence in a second language.

Mickey Rogers - Introducing employability skills to students 

How do we help to ensure that our adult and young adult language students succeed both in the classroom and in the wider world, especially in the world of work? This session by Mind co-author Mickey Rogers puts the spotlight on employability skills needed by new graduates or those entering the world of work for the first time. The first task in helping students to develop these skills is to make sure that they know what the skills are and why they are important. Students need to realize that employability and life skills + language skills = success!

Fauzia Eastwood - A tour of Mind Digital Student’s Book 

Join  us on a digital tour of our new Digital Student’s Books for Mind series and Open Mind. With full interactivity, embedded audio and video and the chance to see score reports for students and teachers, the Digital Student Books can add a new dimension to learning and teaching.

Fauzia Eastwood - Mind Work Experience Competition

Where will your students be in Spring 2017? If they enter the Mind Work Experience Competition open to adult English learners, they could be in with a chance to win two weeks’ work experience in the Macmillan Education London office. Find out how you can encourage your students to get first-class employability skills through this unique opportunity.

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